Concerning the Photoshop export dialog

When saving photos for the web I used to use the “Save for Web” option in Photoshop. This option has been marked as legacy in the recent releases of Photoshop CC. It has been replaced by the new “Export as..” option. Now usually I’m a big fan of new features – well usually…

There  are several things I do not like about the new dialog and yesterday this thing started to drive me absolutely crazy.

But first things first, until yesterday there where basically two things I disliked about the new dialog, but could like with:

  1. Who on earth came op with the “shortcut” cmd+alt+shift+w? I know photoshop has a lot of shortcuts by default and you can change them, but this is amongst my top unergonomic and hard to memorize shortcuts I ever came across. If the “Save for Web…” option is now a legacy option why not assign its shortcut cmd+alt+shift+s to the new option and get people do use it accidentally/automatically? It is still unergonomic, but at least it is a bit more easy to remember.
  2. The new export dialog is slow. I don’t think it is slow because of my machines. I have tried different machines and it is slow on each and every one of them. If I need a sure way to spin up the fan on my machine I just have to open the “Export as..” dialog box. Also the box is less responsive than I would wish. You click and you wait…

The new issue

Now for the thing that tipped me over the edge of straight out hating it.

As you can see in the screenshot I have my setup of retouching layers and as the top layer I have added a vignette, with a nice 360px  feathered edge on the mask.

Now once I was happy with the edit I have done I wanted to save the image. Not only did I want to save the Photoshop file, but I also wanted to export it for the web.

This is where the trouble began. At the end of I a day of retouching and editing you I am at the end of my concentration and though I should stay more focus on the export I have to admit I usually don’t and rely on Photoshop. I used to trust it to do a good job.

If you look very closely at the second screenshot you can see the problem I ran into.


For those who don’t see it directly I have posted a close-up.


Photoshop somehow omitted the feathering on the edge of the vignette. I don’t know how and why it does that and I have never seen something like that happen in Photoshop before. The only workaround for me was to merge all visible layers and then export the image.

Sadly for me I only noticed it after someone pointed it out to me on an already posted image. 🙁

The only explanation I can come op with at this point is a bug in Photoshop and I will try to talk to the Adobe support about it.


Always always always !!! double-check your images while and after exporting and don’t trust any software, even if it is something as sophisticated as Photoshop.

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